About Us

Heya! Glad you stopped by. Welcome to your one-stop shop for all things laptops. If you need recommendations for a laptop purchase you can absolutely count on us!

Who are we?

We’re a team of young tech enthusiasts working tirelessly to deliver the most honest laptop reviews on the internet. We pride ourselves on our impartiality and make sure that everything you read here is free of bias. Our mantra is to tell it like it is; we believe a good track record doesn’t mean we can let the cons slide. But we also believe in approaching everything we review with an open mind.

What kind of stuff do we write?

We specialize in laptop reviews; think of this website like a library of recommendations. There’s something for everyone here. Aspiring developer? There’s a full list of devices tailored just for you. Headed to high school or college? Do not miss out on our editor’s pick for best laptops for students. Or maybe you’re really into video games? We got you covered with some stellar gaming picks to take your hobby on the go. 

If you ask us, nothing would make us happier than having guided someone to a purchase they’re happy with. Which is why we put a lot of work and research into putting together a selection a lot of people will definitely find handy.

That’s not all we do though, we have a bunch of general info articles to top that. We realize not everyone’s looking for a new laptop, but maybe you want to add a couple years to the one you have already? (Spoiler Alert: we might help you do that too). Expect a bunch of tips and tricks that’ll help you elevate your current system experience to a whole new level.

Who should read our stuff?

If you’re in the market for a new laptop, you’re definitely in the right place. If you’re hot on saving time, doubly so! A lot our content is geared towards helping you make the best decision while looking for a brand new device. We realize that a lot of the research that goes towards making that decision is tedious and time consuming. Luckily for you though; that’s where we come in.

Even if you’re not a customer, you’re wanted and valued here. Catch up on the latest news related to laptop releases, read up on how to make your device go the extra mile, become the authority on laptops in the room!

Laptop technology is something that’s going to influence personal computing for decades to come, and if you’re not already excited about what the future holds, you should be!

Our Team

Alonzo Woods

Web Developer by day, lover of poetry by night, a tech-head 24/7; Alonzo is the heart and soul of this website. When he’s not busy with the HTML CSS JS trifecta he’s always keeping up with the news to better inform himself about the ins and outs of the world of tech.

He realized there was a need for an honest, transparent medium for people to reliably select a laptop that works for them, and thus this site was born! He hopes you can rely on his work to make better-informed purchases, because to him, an investment of the like warrants a lot of information backing it too.

Dave Bowers

“If it ain’t XO then it gotta go”, said Dave when I asked him about whether he’d like something particular included in his section. Unashamedly a The Weeknd stan, Dave likes to blast “Blinding Lights” when he’s jotting down a list of computers for miscellaneous purposes.

Dave’s got a real eye for picking the best out of the bunch, which is why we trust him with a lot of the research work here. A man of few words but great talents, Dave’s the one adding sand back to the bottom of your hourglass.

Nick Alvarado

What do you get when you a love for writing together with an undying affinity for the subject matter? If you guessed Nick, you are absolutely right!

Nick’s been writing since he was a wee lad, there’s a lot of love and a lot experience behind a lot of what you see here. You’re never, ever going to get something Nick doesn’t believe in recommended to you. He’s also a huge soccer fan, backing Real Madrid since the age of 13 (He hopes they will have won another Champions League by the time you’re reading this!) We’re excited and lucky to have Nick on board as a writer for our team.